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Yamaha Grand C Series Piano String Set


The string sets available on this page are piano models for which MAPES has scale sets on file.

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If you have questions, call 423-543-3195 and ask for Piano String department.

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Weight 8.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.00000000 x 0.00000000 x 0.00000000 in
Yamaha C Series

C1-(48), C2 (46), C3-(39) 1,288,000-1,388,800 Serial, C3-(39) 1,338,801-1,378,900 Serial, C3-(42) 1,048,000-1,208,000 Serial, C3-(42) 1,208,001-1,450,000 Serial, C3-(42) 2,740,000-4,040,000 Serial, C3-(42) 4,030,130-4,635,723 Serial, C3-(42) 4,635,726-4,990,732 Serial, C3-(42) 4,990,733-5,334,471 Serial, C3-(42) 5,334,472 and Up Serial, C3-(42) 680,000-1,048,000 Serial, C7-(31) 2,043,012-3,020,000 serial, C7-(31) 2,730,000-4,040,273 Serial, C7-(31) 4,040,374-4,642,095 Serial, C7-(35) 0-740,000 Serial, C7-(35) 690,000- 1,178,474 Serial, C7-(36) 4,638,621-5,334,463 Serial, C7-(36) 5,334,464-and Up Serial, CP70B-(59), CP80-(62)